10 Ways to Know You’re Pregnant

August 27, 2013 0

1. You haven’t bought tampons in a really, really long time.

2. Your belly is growing a lot. And you like it.

3. You still feel fat, but now it feels like there’s more of a purpose to it.

4. Things that were important before don’t matter as much now.

5. You start to do “mom things” and get really excited over organizing the Tupperware.

6. You eat an entire family-size Stouffers frozen meal and justify it. And the ice cream after.

7. You dream about twins,  breastfeeding and losing your baby in a crowd.

8. Everyone knows you did in fact have sex with your partner.

9. You pee twice as often and poop half as much.

10. Everything in life makes sense and the small things just don’t matter anymore.


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