May 2013

My third 140.6?
May 22, 2013 at 10:08 pm 0
During the run portion of my last Great Floridian 140.6 I promised I would never do another one again. Never ever ever. Never. “It takes too much time! I can’t stay out at the bar with my friends! I’m scared! I don’t want the stresssssss,” I’d whine. Of course my tune already started to change by the next morning, once I changed into dry clothes, put food in my belly and wore a finisher’s medal. “Well, maybe I’ll do one again,” I’d throw out there. There are lists upon lists of reasons to not do a 140.6. It’s scary. It takes a ton of time. It takes planning. You won’t have time for many other things. You’ll have to train when you’re tired. Race day will be the longest day ever and you will hate parts of it. Jumping in a lake with a bunch of other people will always be scary. Your husband won’t always understand. You will get lonely on long training rides. You will get bored in the pool. You will want to skip the run portion of your brick every single time. It’s expensive. But nothing compares to the peaceful splashing of hundreds of athletes in a cool body of water, the solo realization that yes, you are really doing this in the middle of the bike ride and the sheer commitment to moving one foot in front of the other despite your burns, scrapes and aches all the way to the finish line. And then sitting down and being handed a chunky finisher’s medal and water bottle. And being done, just like that. Nothing compares. Now that I am working with Sommer Sports who puts on the Great Floridian Triathlon, I can’t escape it. I think about triathlon every single day. And it’d be torture to plan my most favorite race in the world and not actually do it myself, right? Should I sign up for my third 140.6?
Getting Back to It
May 19, 2013 at 10:08 pm 0
Sommer Sports (where I work) is involved in more than 40 triathlon and running events every year and is putting on a new nation-wide obstacle race, Xtreme Obstacle Challenge…. so expect more race talk here! Sommer Sports also hosts the Great Floridian Triathlon that I’ve done twice, so working in the middle of it is really cool.

 with Richard and Brendon at an Xtreme photo shoot

Between work and the flu, exercise has been on the back burner. With the rest of our box we cheered on our very own Elly at Southeast Regionals this weekend! Watching these competitors killing the WODs is so inspiring and got me pumped up to pick back up my routine and make some progress. I remember watching Regionals last year and making a list of the strength and speed goals I wanted to accomplish. One year later I’ve definitely improved, but I still don’t have an unassisted pull-up. So that’s first on my list. What’s at the top of your list to work on?