August 2013

10 Ways to Know You’re Pregnant
August 27, 2013 at 10:08 pm 0
1. You haven’t bought tampons in a really, really long time. 2. Your belly is growing a lot. And you like it. 3. You still feel fat, but now it feels like there’s more of a purpose to it. 4. Things that were important before don’t matter as much now. 5. You start to do “mom things” and get really excited over organizing the Tupperware. 6. You eat an entire family-size Stouffers frozen meal and justify it. And the ice cream after. 7. You dream about twins,  breastfeeding and losing your baby in a crowd. 8. Everyone knows you did in fact have sex with your partner. 9. You pee twice as often and poop half as much. 10. Everything in life makes sense and the small things just don’t matter anymore.  
Giveaway: Zoom Inspired Yoga + Run Jacksonville Saturday, September 7th
August 26, 2013 at 10:08 pm 0
I am so excited to participate in the Inspired Yoga + Run event in Jacksonville Saturday, September 7th. This race is a Zooma Women’s Race Series event and if you’ve been awake in the blogging world or on social media, you’ve probably heard of Zooma. I’m so excited to make the trip to Jacksonville to spend the morning on the beach with yoga, run and friends! Allison from Zooma was kind enough to email me about the event and invite me to participate. I’ve really been off my running game since the 50-miler so I was apprehensive about saying yes to a race, but this seems much more my pace. We’re kicking off the morning with a 50-minute yoga class on the beach and following it up with a 3-mile beach run. It sounds like there’s a little post-race party, too! My friend Jenny and I are going to skip our regular Saturday morning CrossFit WOD and spend the morning enjoying this series and soaking up the sun on the beach. Perfect, right? I. AM. EXCITED.

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I’m Alive!
August 14, 2013 at 10:09 pm 0

Hello! It’s been a while! A loooooong while, actually. So much has changed since we last chatted, but for now here are just a few things that have happened offline:

New York City Trip! We went to NYC in June to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. We stayed in the gorgeous old little Hotel Belleclaire in Upper West Side. Despite it raining more than half of our four day stay, we did every single thing we wanted to and had the best trip of our lives. We walked and ate and ate and ate. Seriously, we ate pizza, bagels, macaroons, cream puffs, more pizza, cheap pizza, expensive pizza, local coffee, big cookies, chocolate and more pizza. All we did is eat. They had to roll us home.

A Happy 4th We hung out with family on Anna Maria Island for the 4th of July.

YUM. I’ve been eating well.

Beachy. We’ve been hanging out at the beach a lot. I got the most awesome sunburn on my backside from falling asleep without sunscreen but I won’t share a photo of that.

Running and CrossFit I haven’t been running much since the 50 miler and it kind of makes me sad. Training for the 50 absolutely burnt me out on running. I can’t believe how quickly I can lose all that endurance I worked so hard to build up! A few months ago I ran 50 miles… now I’m having trouble with three! I’m starting to lace up my shoes more so hopefully I’ll post some decent times and mileage soon. Otherwise I’ve been doing a lot of CrossFit, including cheering on my friends at a little in-house competition at our box last Saturday!

Wedding Bells We were able to celebrate the wedding of an old friend last Saturday. I also learned that standing closest to the camera is not a good angle for me.

Pinteresty I’ve found my love for Pinterest. (Gosh, this recap is making me sound really boring.) I made this reusable Swiffer Duster that I am way too excited about. We also made a headboard. Thousands of re-pins and we’ve made about four things. I’d say we’re off to a good start.

So there’s my catch up for the past few months. Can’t wait to post more :)What did I miss with you?