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September 16, 2013 0

My first pregnant CrossFit photo and my belly is hiding…

I swore this wouldn’t turn into a pregnancy blog, but, this is another pregnancy post. I’m pregnant. It’s what’s going on. I’ll think of other things to talk about soon.

Tomorrow I will post about CrossFitting with a baby in my belly, but for now here are my thoughts at 17.5 weeks:

– I can feel my skin stretching. It doesn’t feel good.

– I’m oddly self-conscious when baring my belly in public. And, yes, I think part of that is that everyone knows I had sex to get my belly.

– The more I learn and grow the more I’m becoming this liberal, free-thinking mama ready to defy stereotypes… and the more scared I am to broadcast my honest feelings about pregnancy and the perceptions about it.

– I’ve been loving and accepting my new more round body more, although I miss feeling sexy and carefree in my own skin. Spontaneous, fun sex is less likely when it feels like the baby is kicking my stomach into my ribs.

– Don’t like being the center of attention? Too bad! Everyone loves baby bellies. I’ve finally learned that I don’t have to answer, “fat, bloated, constipated and gassy!” every time someone asks how I’m feeling. “Pretty good!” is sufficing.

– Pet peeve of the year: people who roll their eyes when I tell them (solicited.. I don’t go around blurting these things out) that I’m excited for a natural, drug-free birth. So many people have told me that it’s going to hurt too bad and I’ll get an epidural. Funny enough, the women who delivered naturally say the opposite.

– You know all those cute photo collages of women every day or every week of their pregnancy? Yeah, we’ve done none of them. We have a few photos of me in a bikini.

– There’s a lot of deep, dark parts to pregnancy that they just don’t tell you. We have doubts about becoming parents and worry that we won’t love our child. I haven’t bonded with the baby like I thought I would by now. It’s all normal and makes for great conversation.

– The world is pregnant. I am so grateful for the miracle that is pregnancy, but you’ll never realize how many people receive that miracle until you’re pregnant! I swear pregnant bellies attract each other.

Tomorrow: how I’m CrossFitting with a baby belly and a photo where it actually looks like I’m pregnant. Any questions?

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