By the way, I’m running 33.3 miles in the morning

March 2, 2013 0

Oh heyyyy there.

So back in December I was all, “I can’t wait to finish my 50 mile ultra marathon after dropping out in my first attempt.” Despite my training and planning, it was a sucky day and I dropped out.

It sucked.

The worst part of dropping out of a race is telling everyone online after they’ve been so supportive and positive. It’s the let down after the build up.

After dropping out of the 50 I realized I wasn’t as passionate about distance racing and committed to taking a break.

So the next night I signed up for another 50, but this time I kept it quiet. This time I had a partner. This time I had no option other than kicking butt in my training and finishing the distance once and for all.

I’ve made my training runs… The back to back long runs and that twenty-four mile run after work on a Thursday night.

The race isn’t until next month but my partner and I are doing a 33.3 mile trail ultra in the morning as part of our training.

See you in 33.3 miles!

ps- ZICO makes Latte flavored coconut water!!!! I’m pretty sure this was created for distance runners! Hydration + java = win.

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