Finding the Culprint

by healthy ashley on June 26, 2009

My belly has not been happy lately. Painful cramps, uneasiness …and a slew of fun things that we are just going to skip over … I’ve had to resort to medicines more often than I should. I know this is not how I was created to live life although I can’t seem to pinpoint the [...]


Do you TV?

by healthy ashley on May 14, 2009

Most people know watching TV can lead to higher weight. “In a study of 26 to 36-year-olds, those watching more than three hours of TV daily were more likely to have excess waist fat than those watching an hour or less. Elsewhere, middle-aged adults who watched more than four hours of TV daily showed waists [...]


Icing My Running Obsession

by healthy ashley on February 19, 2009

I received some great comments and suggestions on my last post about shin splints. Check them out if you missed it! In case you’ve never been graced with shin splints yourself, I’d describe the pain as more of a “broken bone” type of pain more than just “sore muscle.” It hurts! All of yesterday and [...]


Uh Oh. Calling All Runners

by healthy ashley on February 18, 2009

Runners, I need your help! I’ve had this persistent pain in my shins that has kept me from running- or at least from running well or running long distances. This pain flares up anytime I use my calves- even when I simply squat down to tie my shoe. Any time something touches it or the [...]