Independent Films and an Autumn Art Fair

by healthy ashley on October 11, 2009

David had some fun plans for us Friday night! We went to Enzian, a full-time, non-for-profit alternative cinema, and their attached restaurant and bar, Eden Bar. Enzian and Eden Bar take “dinner and a movie” to a new level. I was excited to wear my favorite red shoes for our date night We headed to [...]


5 Things Running Has Done for Me

by healthy ashley on February 5, 2009

photo What Running Has Done For Me 1. My appetite has exploded. I am always eating anyway, but I’m especially crazy after a long run. My appetite is unbelievable the day after I run more than 7 miles! Crazy I tell you! I think running long distances is the worst thing for a diet! 2. [...]


China and Chub

by healthy ashley on April 21, 2008

My diet this weekend has mostly consisted of cereal. Not because I am engaging in emotional eating, but because I have no desire to eat or cook. I just won’t enjoy the food, and cereal is comforting and easy when my stomach says it is hungry. Part of me has felt like a zombie walking. [...]