No Rules

by healthy ashley on September 11, 2009

Ahhhh…. I’ve been operating by the “no rules” mindset since I got home from my 10 mile run two hours ago. I’ve plopped myself on the floor with my foam roller, laptop and water. I’m wearing my sweaty running clothes with a big sweatshirt and I only get up to eat… and eating I have [...]


Stick with what works.

by healthy ashley on August 4, 2009

It’s Monday again! Was your weekend relaxing enough to prepare you for another week? I hope so!   My weekend was crazy! David, Dixie and I loaded up the car Saturday afternoon and made the two hour drive to see our family. We stayed there until we made the drive home Sunday night. It was [...]


Finding Caloric Balance

by healthy ashley on April 28, 2009

photo Sometimes I will go for a long run or push through an intense spin class and burn tons of calories. And for the next 24 hours my appetite is huge. But how many extra calories did I really earn? I would prefer to not eat back all the calories I just burned, yet sometimes [...]