My Body Said GO!

by healthy ashley on August 13, 2009

I almost forgot to blog tonight! I showered and was about to crawl into bed and then I remembered… so here I am I ran 6.2 miles tonight!! My mind was fighting me all day but my body wanted to run. It was slower (1hr 5 min) but I really finished strong! I always sprint [...]


Healthier and Happier You

by healthy ashley on April 7, 2009

Everything we do should put us closer towards the healthiest, happiest versions of ourselves. This is how I try to live my life- with exercise, food, activities… Working to be my best isn’t about deprivation. I put it this way: …Binging on pizza while standing in my kitchen because of a stressful day= NOT GOOD [...]


helpful tips

by healthy ashley on May 5, 2008

Often I face a battle between healthy, happy me and habit, junky me. I posted about this before and got some great tips that some readers use when they are faced with a tempting situation. I love real-world tips, so here’s what they had to say: – writing down everything you eat gives you time [...]