Chocolate Chip Cookies

by healthy ashley on January 2, 2011

Richard and I ran out for a quick trip to the grocery store late yesterday evening. We needed a few ingredients to bake chocolate chip cookies, along with some essentials. I was hungry, so on the ride home I nibbled on some cereal from the box. “Don’t eat the cereal!” Richard said. He was joking, [...]


5 Things Running Has Done for Me

by healthy ashley on February 5, 2009

photo What Running Has Done For Me 1. My appetite has exploded. I am always eating anyway, but I’m especially crazy after a long run. My appetite is unbelievable the day after I run more than 7 miles! Crazy I tell you! I think running long distances is the worst thing for a diet! 2. [...]


wtf Orbitz?

by healthy ashley on February 4, 2009

I’ve seen ads like this from Orbitz before. It really makes me upset. The product is chewing gum- and drawing the eye to the chest of a half-naked woman is 100% unnecessary. No thanks, Orbitz.


The Challenge

by healthy ashley on December 19, 2008

One of my “fitness” magazine subscriptions arrives in the mail. Quickly I scan the photos taking note of their clear skin, trim calves and tight abs. More than anything else I begin to compare myself to the “perfect” image depicted in those photos. Without a second thought to my own beauty, strength or accomplishments I [...]