How to Fuel in a Pinch

by healthy ashley on June 15, 2009

Wow! I love all of your responses to my plea for healthy, quick and simple meals to get me through my busy, “homeless” month! First, here is a photo from Friday’s Picnic Island Adventure Race. I did this race last month and had a great time, but this month’s was less than stellar. (The same [...]



by healthy ashley on June 16, 2008

Hi!! How was your weekend? Ate way too much, exercised less than you should have? Me too! But it’s okay. It was a holiday (hi, Dads!) and tomorrow is a brand new day! I think our bodies were built to put up with a little fun here and there anyway. I am in the middle [...]


You know that feeling…

by healthy ashley on April 24, 2008

…of how good it feels to work out? I got to experience that tonight! My semester is about to wrap up, and I was able to hit the gym after an exam today! It felt amazing! I love working out- to feel so alive and strong. I can’t wait to plan normal visits to my [...]