No Rules

by healthy ashley on September 11, 2009

Ahhhh…. I’ve been operating by the “no rules” mindset since I got home from my 10 mile run two hours ago. I’ve plopped myself on the floor with my foam roller, laptop and water. I’m wearing my sweaty running clothes with a big sweatshirt and I only get up to eat… and eating I have [...]


Finding Caloric Balance

by healthy ashley on April 28, 2009

photo Sometimes I will go for a long run or push through an intense spin class and burn tons of calories. And for the next 24 hours my appetite is huge. But how many extra calories did I really earn? I would prefer to not eat back all the calories I just burned, yet sometimes [...]


Birthday… Moderation Style

by healthy ashley on September 30, 2008

Last Friday was my birthday. Since I worked 7am-7:30pm in another town on the actual day and my family is separated, my birthday was spread out into a 3-day celebration. In that time period, I managed to have four chocolate birthday cakes (chocolate peanut-butter explosion, brownie cake with cream cheese icing, sinful chocolate cake and [...]


Dear Self

by healthy ashley on September 5, 2008

Yes, the scale was up. Don’t act so surprised. Inspirational notes everywhere, a personal trainer, fresh produce, fancy workout gear and plans galore will not get you to your goal if you don’t put the effort in with nutrition. You know the calorie range that makes you lose. You know that that is what makes [...]