No Settling

by healthy ashley on May 2, 2010

David and I have ended our almost four year relationship. Yes, it is sad to see something I’ve worked so hard on. But don’t be sad for me at all. Over the past year I’ve been making changes that liberate me and pursuing things I’m passionate about. I’ve been running marathons and going after new [...]



by healthy ashley on January 20, 2010

Today I lost my (still new) job. It was unexpected, although there is a long story about everything that’s been going on. I sobbed my whole bike ride home (I commuted to work by bike). Thoughts of helplessness, confusion and anger flooded my thoughts. Then I came home and decided I am free and this [...]


Vegan in Review

by healthy ashley on July 23, 2009

In place of my regular post about today’s eats, I’d like to talk about what veganism has been like for me so far. Almost three weeks ago I decided to go vegan (after being a vegetarian for 9 years) after a good talk with Ryan. The week after my decision I saw Food, Inc. which [...]


Working Out My Next Step

by healthy ashley on April 19, 2009

Play catch up: Last month I quit my job, outlined what I am looking for next and contemplated the perfect job. When thinking of my next step, thoughts of success, money and happiness bounce around my mind. In order to do something that I love, I might have to give up a fancy title and [...]