Vegan at Sea

by healthy ashley on September 16, 2009

I wasn’t the best blogger on my past cruise. I took advantage of not having to carry anything- which meant my camera slept back at the room most of the time and missed out on all the food! Luckily sweet Stephanie from CookinFanatic saved my day- she went on the same cruise (a few weeks [...]


Goodbye to Yesterday’s Habits

by healthy ashley on January 27, 2009

Dear Self: Yes, tomorrow is a new day, a new chance. But tomorrow will not be a day you lose weight if you continue yesterday’s habits. Forget the stress-eating. Food will not take away the emotions or the stress- and your body would rather you didn’t try anyway! Enjoy every bite. Stop the ‘poor me’ [...]



by healthy ashley on October 22, 2008

I have some fun topics and reviews to post, blogs to visit and so much more… but I can’t right now! But I do have one thing to say: Let’s choose our moments of weakness. I’m all about making the choices that make us happy, so let’s remember everything we do is our choice. So [...]


Birthday… Moderation Style

by healthy ashley on September 30, 2008

Last Friday was my birthday. Since I worked 7am-7:30pm in another town on the actual day and my family is separated, my birthday was spread out into a 3-day celebration. In that time period, I managed to have four chocolate birthday cakes (chocolate peanut-butter explosion, brownie cake with cream cheese icing, sinful chocolate cake and [...]