clean eating

Vegan in Review

by healthy ashley on July 23, 2009

In place of my regular post about today’s eats, I’d like to talk about what veganism has been like for me so far. Almost three weeks ago I decided to go vegan (after being a vegetarian for 9 years) after a good talk with Ryan. The week after my decision I saw Food, Inc. which [...]


Finding the Culprint

by healthy ashley on June 26, 2009

My belly has not been happy lately. Painful cramps, uneasiness …and a slew of fun things that we are just going to skip over … I’ve had to resort to medicines more often than I should. I know this is not how I was created to live life although I can’t seem to pinpoint the [...]


When Maintaining is Not Enough

by healthy ashley on October 3, 2008

I shouldn’t be writing this. I am frustrated and severely lacking motivation. But I work hard to make this blog real- all of my ups and downs in striving to be “healthy ashley.” So I write tonight to represent women who are frustrated when their hard work just doesn’t pay off. Tonight I used the [...]


I promise

by healthy ashley on August 7, 2008

…to be a more consistent blogger. photo It seems I either have plenty of time and nothing to say or no time at all and tons to talk about!!! (We’re in the no time phase right now!) I finally joined a new gym in my area. I left the YMCA last month when I moved [...]