Just Left the Starting Line

by healthy ashley on November 12, 2008

After a week of food-centered events and overly-sugared treats, I am seriously suffering from a food hangover. I feel cloudy and have no energy! I am left with a sleepy Ashley and a stuck scale. I want to clean up my diet and lose some of the mental cloud and physical chub. I have to [...]


Cracking the Salt

by healthy ashley on January 17, 2008

An update on the calorie-counting: Still loving it, even though I only met my goal one out of three days so far. I understand the ‘journey’ and ‘process’ part, and I am actually learning from my mistakes instead of getting down and backsliding! (What a concept!) Counting my calories isn’t easy, but I love (hate) [...]


Be Back Soon

by healthy ashley on December 30, 2007

Why is it that everytime I make a plan to adjust my eating habits, I begin to crave the worst possible foods? Anyway, I am holding off my big effort for just a few more days. I am visiting my boyfriend in Orlando for the week… and eating every meal out and “just having a [...]