by healthy ashley on February 11, 2008

This past week I did pretty well. I made a Challenge to myself—I didn’t meet each point exactly, but overall I did great. One day I got incredibly discouraged, but I bounced right back up- which is a huge step for me. I made all of my workouts except for one Pilates.. I had a [...]


Quick Update!

by healthy ashley on February 8, 2008

I’m still working to get into my groove (see sidebar to see that I am still not back to my pre-holiday weight!), but TODAY WAS AWESOME! I woke up feeling fantastic considering my great Couch-to-5K run (Week 1, Day 2) and Pilates last night. Besides a quick slip up with a piece of cake, my [...]


Cracking the Salt

by healthy ashley on January 17, 2008

An update on the calorie-counting: Still loving it, even though I only met my goal one out of three days so far. I understand the ‘journey’ and ‘process’ part, and I am actually learning from my mistakes instead of getting down and backsliding! (What a concept!) Counting my calories isn’t easy, but I love (hate) [...]