Stick with what works.

by healthy ashley on August 4, 2009

It’s Monday again! Was your weekend relaxing enough to prepare you for another week? I hope so!   My weekend was crazy! David, Dixie and I loaded up the car Saturday afternoon and made the two hour drive to see our family. We stayed there until we made the drive home Sunday night. It was [...]


Vegan in Review

by healthy ashley on July 23, 2009

In place of my regular post about today’s eats, I’d like to talk about what veganism has been like for me so far. Almost three weeks ago I decided to go vegan (after being a vegetarian for 9 years) after a good talk with Ryan. The week after my decision I saw Food, Inc. which [...]


Neverending Belly Dilemma

by healthy ashley on July 10, 2008

I have a big problem and I need your help. Here’s the lowdown: At work I’ve taken on an intern for the summer. (Wooohoo!) He is great. He is hard-working, smart, willing to put in long hours… and constantly eats. Since our offices are right next to each other, with the kitchen on the middle/side, [...]