Vegan at Sea

by healthy ashley on September 16, 2009

I wasn’t the best blogger on my past cruise. I took advantage of not having to carry anything- which meant my camera slept back at the room most of the time and missed out on all the food! Luckily sweet Stephanie from CookinFanatic saved my day- she went on the same cruise (a few weeks [...]


A Run and a Cruise

by healthy ashley on September 15, 2009

First Thing’s First: Running 6:00a.m. Friday morning, my alarm goes off. Already in my running clothes, I wander around the house to get ready for THE run: eat a banana, guzzle water, apply sunblock… I live for long runs, so of course I was super excited about this run. But somewhere along the way half [...]


Cruise Recap On Its Way

by healthy ashley on September 2, 2008

Hi! I just got back from my cruise to Nassau, Bahamas yesterday. I’ve got a ton of pictures on their way to a fat blog post. Check back soon!