eating disorder

Chocolate Chip Cookies

by healthy ashley on January 2, 2011

Richard and I ran out for a quick trip to the grocery store late yesterday evening. We needed a few ingredients to bake chocolate chip cookies, along with some essentials. I was hungry, so on the ride home I nibbled on some cereal from the box. “Don’t eat the cereal!” Richard said. He was joking, [...]


by healthy ashley on April 22, 2008

{137} I am saying No! to the brownies in the kitchen because I don’t need them. I’ve already had a fantastic treat, and brownies will only make me feel gross and weigh-in more in the morning! So…. do you hear that, brownies?!?! NO! Geesh. Also, I have re-evaluated my goal weight. I’ve thought hard about [...]


Pressure vs. Self

by healthy ashley on March 24, 2008

In light of the recent holiday, I’d like to pose a discussion regarding balancing your health and goals with the pressures of family. I’ll begin with my situation. I’ve posted before about how my family’s influence combined with other events led to an eating disorder. In my family I am the only vegetarian. I am [...]


History and Body-Image

by healthy ashley on February 28, 2008

(Warning: This is long. I began this as a post about origins of self-perception. Somehow it turned into a history on my body/eating issues more revealing than I would have planned. These are details that I have shared with very few people. I debated deleting this entry and writing about something else, but maybe my [...]