Pushing Myself

by healthy ashley on December 30, 2008

photo I have to let you guys know that I feel pretty good right now. You see, a while ago I set this very ambitious goal of running a half marathon in the middle of January 2009. I thought it’d be especially nice to complete such a large goal after graduation the month prior. …but [...]


Ahhhh! Vacation!!

by healthy ashley on December 12, 2008

Holy crappers! Graduation (!!!) 7:30am tomorrow, party, 10-day road trip Sunday- then Christmas Eve right after we get back! Gah! First, here’s the schedule for Operation: Wonderland in case you’re interested: Operation: Wonderland Itinerary December 14-23, 3008 Sunday 12/14Leave Tampa 8am7 ½ hour driveArrive Charleston, SC 4pm Monday 12/15Leave Charleston, SC 1pm8 hour driveArrive DC [...]



by healthy ashley on July 31, 2008

You know that old technique of destroying a food so you are guaranteed to not eat it? I use the trick often. Want to make sure you don’t eat the other half? In the trash it goes. Swear you will not eat that cookie? Spray a little bleach on it. It works. .. unless I [...]