Crazy Ironman

by healthy ashley on September 15, 2010

Expected is people’s reactions when they hear I am competing in a full Ironman distance in less than six weeks. “Woah! That is craaaaaazy! I couldn’t imagine doing all that!” What is less than expected is my response when I act just as terrified and surprised as they are. “Isn’t it crazy!? Who would want [...]


Mildly Addicted

by healthy ashley on August 24, 2010

After blogging or tweeting about my day full of crazy workouts I often bite my lip waiting for someone to call be obsessed with exercise. It’s the one thing I have been scared to hear because I didn’t know how I’d respond. I have the kindest, most supportive readers so the closest I’ve gotten to [...]



by healthy ashley on August 3, 2010

In most areas of my life I’m pretty open on the blog. I cry during some workouts, I poop a lot before big races and I tell you all when I quit my big-girl job and break up with my boyfriend of four years. But in the past three months I’ve been quiet about the [...]



by healthy ashley on February 11, 2010

I’ve got a problem. My first few days at lululemon have been amazing. However, I also love every product in the store. So I buy another sweater on my lunch break on my first day. I’m a soon-to-be-broke rookie! But my problem doesn’t end there. I also pass by Orlando’s biggest Whole Foods on my [...]