When Maintaining is Not Enough

by healthy ashley on October 3, 2008

I shouldn’t be writing this. I am frustrated and severely lacking motivation. But I work hard to make this blog real- all of my ups and downs in striving to be “healthy ashley.” So I write tonight to represent women who are frustrated when their hard work just doesn’t pay off. Tonight I used the [...]



by healthy ashley on April 23, 2008

I remember buying these. Size 2- and they were baggy. I am 5’9″… wow. Never again will I weigh myself and think “I wonder how low that number can go.” Never again will I need to be the smallest person in the room. Never again will I compromise my body, my health and my happiness [...]


by healthy ashley on April 22, 2008

{137} I am saying No! to the brownies in the kitchen because I don’t need them. I’ve already had a fantastic treat, and brownies will only make me feel gross and weigh-in more in the morning! So…. do you hear that, brownies?!?! NO! Geesh. Also, I have re-evaluated my goal weight. I’ve thought hard about [...]