Just Didn’t Tri

by healthy ashley on July 18, 2010

Saturday was a lazy day in preparation for today’s triathlon. I spent the morning with a bag of kettle corn browsing the Winter Park farmer’s market and people watching on a bench on Park Ave. In the afternoon I attended a three hour heart opening workshop at Guruv Yoga. It was a mixture of practice, [...]


Exploring in Savannah

by healthy ashley on March 19, 2010

Wow, Savannah is a fun city! It’s perfect for a vacation with its cobblestone streets, cool shops,  little restaurants and street life.  This one day trip to Savannah was planned on our way back to Florida after a few days in Williamsburg, VA. It was nice breaking up our driving into two days. Plus, I [...]


High Class at the Shell House

by healthy ashley on March 19, 2010

Note: This and one post over are going up from the road trip after I’m already home. Lack of internet = weird posting! I know, I know. My posts have been a bit anti-vegan on this road trip. What can I say? Seafood restaurants and small cafes are usually lacking in vegan options… and those [...]


Virginia is for Lovers

by healthy ashley on March 19, 2010

I realized I haven’t shown you the best of my Trader Joe’s goods! I made three other trips while I was in the area, but this was my main stock-up TJ’s is incredible. Everything is natural and priced so well. None of the products I looked at had any unnecessary ingredients. Love that! You can [...]