High and Dreaming

by healthy ashley on November 14, 2008

Operation Celebration: For my promised update: Today has gone really well! I was very busy and all over the place, but I maintained my healthy mindset alllll day long! I didn’t follow my eating schedule, but that’s because my classes/gym-time got in the way. I did meet my calorie range (1,400-1,600) with 1,450! Now I’m [...]


I’m in Love

by healthy ashley on November 7, 2008

I’m not usually a fan of Old Navy, but I made it a point to stop by there today after hearing about their big sale on outerwear. Most jackets are 50% off! It’s tough to even find a store that sells jackets here in Florida! But boy am I glad I went in! I found [...]


The Dress

by healthy ashley on August 17, 2008

Earlier this week I was at a film shoot for a great politician when his gorgeous, slightly intimidating wife walked on set in a beautiful red dress. Since we previously shared a moment where her over-the-top question left me looking like an idiot, I approached her with what was sure to redeem me. me: “I [...]