Fitness After Kids
February 11, 2017 at 1:59 am 4
this is my handstand shirt This week I finally feel (a little bit) back. Back to fitness goals, feeling strong and ENDORPHINS!! Richard used to be a CrossFit trainer, so we basically lived at the box. Even after Clara was born, I was making 6am classes and then running 8 (WTH?!) miles home. And then she grew up. And I started a business. And we got in a pretty bad car accident. And I had several miscarriages. And we adopted twins. Basically, life got in the way and my fitness was pushed to the side. It happens. But I know I'm a better mom/wife/entrepreneur/friend/person when I'm working out. I feel like that doesn't even need to be explained, right? I mean, jamming out in my garage to country music and throwing things around (without hearing any babies crying!!) is just GOOD STUFF.

Here are a few of the things that have helped me get back to fitness post-baby/babies:

Do it in the morning.

Something will. always. come. up. The kids will wake up early from their naps, work will come up, dinner will need to be made. Getting it done early makes sure it gets done and sets the tone for an awesome day.

Be okay with small.

Some days I can spend an hour in our garage gym, but sometimes I have 8 minutes and 11 seconds. Having a bunch of workouts on my phone that are organized by how long they take makes sure I have no excuses to get my workout in.

Plan ahead.

Without fail, I complete more workouts when I put them in my daily calendar. Which is weird because I write in the SAME EXACT TIME BLOCKS every day?! But whatever works haha. I also write down an idea of what I want to do in that time (say back squats or an endurance WOD).

Do it for fun.

This has been the biggest (and my favorite) change from pre-baby fitness. I workout for fun. I don't push myself when I'm not enjoying it. I'm digging running a max of three miles at a time and sometimes just doing yoga in my garage because it feels so darn good.  

What keeps you on track with fitness? I'd love any tips!