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Guest Post: A Liberating Phenomenon

by healthy ashley on September 12, 2009

Hi Healthy Ashley readers! I’m excited to be guest posting while Ashley is off cruising with her boy—they both deserve the break! My name is Ryan and I’m the girl behind Greens for Good, a blog about healthy living through a vegan-based diet. If you’ve been following Ashley for awhile you know that it was [...]


Proud Moment: Aimee

by healthy ashley on July 9, 2009

When Ashley asked me to post my proudest healthy moment so many thoughts went through my mind. I love living a healthy life and each time I finish a race or a new sporting event I feel so proud. From finishing my first 5k in high school, my first 10k in law school, and my [...]


Proud Moment: David

by healthy ashley on July 5, 2009

My proudest healthy moment would have to be when I made the decision to stop eating frozen meals every night. For about 6 months, I had shifted my work schedule 8 hours ahead and had to work at nights. Because of this, my meals always felt very rushed. I never really had any time to [...]