healthier options

Stick with what works.

by healthy ashley on August 4, 2009

It’s Monday again! Was your weekend relaxing enough to prepare you for another week? I hope so!   My weekend was crazy! David, Dixie and I loaded up the car Saturday afternoon and made the two hour drive to see our family. We stayed there until we made the drive home Sunday night. It was [...]


Just A Little…

by healthy ashley on February 24, 2009

Never would I buy a regular candy bar in the grocery store checkout lane. Noooo… not me! I’m the healthy girl! But give me a few mini’s and I’m your addict! So what a genius idea that candy bar companies are now splitting many of their candy bars into two pieces within one package.You know, [...]


Bar Review: Yotta Bars! (Veggies!?)

by healthy ashley on September 8, 2008

This bar is definitely different from what you’re used to! Yotta Bars have all sorts of vegetables hidden in them- yet somehow they’re still sweet and yummy! The Cherry flavor is said to be their most popular. Other than Cherry, there’s Apple Cinnamon and Orange. Cherry was my favorite! =) Texture: It’s not cereal-y, grain-y [...]