Natural Healing

by healthy ashley on February 26, 2010

Sure, I’m sick. But that doesn’t mean I want to swallow brightly-colored pills filled with who-knows-what. I’m determined to get better in time for Sunday’s marathon- and to do it naturally. I tried to go to yoga this morning. That wasn’t a good idea. My body was so weak that I couldn’t even hang in [...]


Spotlight: Find Your Balance

by healthy ashley on April 3, 2009

Every so often I come across a blog that stays in my mind- a blog that inspires me and challenges me to be a little better, to push a little harder towards my goals. So last month I began a Spotlight feature here on healthy ashley to shine some light on a few of these [...]


Breaking Out… the bad way

by healthy ashley on November 3, 2008

This post is about skin issues… a topic I never thought I’d have to write about. Growing up and throughout my teens I always had clear healthy skin. Now in my 20s my skin turned into a mess overnight. I’m eating clean most of the time, getting tons of water, sleeping enough and exercising the [...]



by healthy ashley on February 19, 2008

Thursday I ate chocolate, cookies and a slice of pizza. Friday I ate more cookies, too. But the cookies made me depressed and feel sick. I didn’t want to do anything. The day seemed so dreary. I had a stomach ache and my head hurt. I’m starting to realize that these foods aren’t really treats [...]