let’s play catch up

Holy cow!

by healthy ashley on September 23, 2008

Hey friends! I hate that I haven’t been able to get a post out for so long. This is my last semester in school (the toughest) and working for a political firm during election season (the busiest) has me running around like crazy! And I got a root canal…. it’s been fun! So as soon [...]



by healthy ashley on July 31, 2008

hey guys!! So everything is crazy right now. Work is taking me all over the place so I’m in and out of town often. My last semester at the University of South Florida begins later in August. I’m also working on playing catch up with seeing my friends. My health? Eh. I’m in constant pain. [...]



by healthy ashley on June 9, 2008

I love this picture I took Saturday of Clearwater at night. 1. I want to post about so many different things and I will soon. Right now I’m working on a term project (30 slide, 1,000 word PPT… due tomorrow morning, starting right now!). 2. I put the deposit down on my apartment today. I’m [...]


Camera Returns!

by healthy ashley on April 16, 2008

Thank you all for your support in my last post. It surely helps! I’m just trucking along and trying to keep a clear mind. Two weeks left of school… two weeks! I got my camera back tonight. Here’s a few of the pictures I’ve been missing! I usually wear sunblock- but I always wear it [...]