Life at Sea

by healthy ashley on September 3, 2008

My mom and I just got back from our cruise in the Bahamas. We went to celebrate her birthday (August 31) and mine (September 26). We had a great time. The cruise ship was interesting, but the whole trip was priceless. We found the Imperial Majesty cruise line through a promotional offer. We originally believed [...]


Cruise Recap On Its Way

by healthy ashley on September 2, 2008

Hi! I just got back from my cruise to Nassau, Bahamas yesterday. I’ve got a ton of pictures on their way to a fat blog post. Check back soon!


Can I Just……?

by healthy ashley on June 25, 2008

Lately I’ve seen a “tagging-thing” going around where people post pictures of themselves at their high school prom. I was never tagged, but I definitely want to post my pictures!! I finished high school early and was barely there, so I missed out on most of my high school moments. (I went to the community [...]


Daughters Are Always Right!

by healthy ashley on June 12, 2008

Remember my Mom? She was having some trouble with, um.. eating. You all gave her such great inspiration and advice that she’s snapping into shape! I had to follow through with directions when I received this in my inbox today!: SUBJECT: Tell your BLOG group this! Today, so far, I had : BFAST: 2 egg [...]