by healthy ashley on June 11, 2010

Yesterday I hit the pool at 7:00 a.m. with one goal: complete a half Ironman (70.3- 1.2 mi. swim, 56 mi. bike, 13.1 mi. run) on my own. Sure, it’s a crazy workout for a Thursday, but if you read my blog you know being a bit off the wall is my thing. This public [...]


I’m Back

by healthy ashley on April 22, 2009

image here It seems like forever since I’ve had a real run… a run where my shins didn’t feel like knives and a run when I didn’t cry afterward. And it has not been okay. Running is like a drug and being forced to abstain really messed with me. Over the last few weeks I [...]


Discussion: Not Just Progress…. Goals

by healthy ashley on October 7, 2008

Have you ever looked close at your goal and thought, “There’s no way that I could get there.”? I’m not talking about a general lack of faith. If your goal is running, maybe you believe you’ll eventually conquer 5 miles… but never 10! Or if you’re losing weight, maybe you’re eyeing a 20 pound loss… [...]