Hey, Hey North Carolina!

by healthy ashley on December 31, 2010

   Hello from North Carolina! Sunday morning I packed up my little car with a handful of belongings, my puppy Dixie and Jack the cat, to make my way to my love in Asheville. The drive felt like nothing knowing I was driving home. (Above: our front yard view) The animals have adjusted surprisingly well. [...]


When Nourishing Food Matters Most

by healthy ashley on June 12, 2009

photo Preparing fresh meals in my own kitchen at my own convenience is obviously something I was taking for granted. In the past week I’ve been all over central Florida but haven’t slept in my own bed or had a meal in my apartment at all. With commuting, my new puppy, house-sitting and changing apartments, [...]


… and the sky is blue!

by healthy ashley on May 29, 2008

This was part of my lunch today.. Avocado Salad Roll. It’s avocado and fresh veggies wrapped in tapioca paper. I’m going to try to make this at home It was so tasty and fresh! I’m sure I am last to comply, but I’ve been tagged! Thanks Melissa and Monica for tagging me! Here’s 5 things [...]



by healthy ashley on May 28, 2008

I’ve been tagged to share a few things about me.. and I promise I will! I’ll try for tonight. Right now I am consumed with work, classes and looking for a place to live! Also, my computer broke and had to be sent away. It just cracked all of the sudden. Weird! BUT, I had [...]