VegFest 2009!!!

by healthy ashley on October 24, 2009

  Happy weekend! How do you like our family photo? If you look closely you’ll see Kitty (who David is holding) hates her brother and sister and is growling at them! David and I were laughing so hard it was hard to take a normal-looking photo Today was VegFest!!!!!!!! “Central Florida Veg Fest takes place [...]


Costco or Sams?

by healthy ashley on July 13, 2009

Costco or Sams? Grocery shopping for David and me is a lot different than grocery shopping for just myself. When it was just me I would clip coupons and base my week’s foods around what is on sale/cheapest. David has more staples that he goes through pretty quickly and must always have- like orange juice [...]


Changing Normal

by healthy ashley on July 12, 2009

Almost nine years ago I stopped eating all meat and have been apologizing for it ever since. Seeing Food, Inc. left me feeling empowered and proud of my food decisions now and nine years ago. My decision to first change my diet happened when my family had a small farm. We had chickens, ducks, geese, [...]


Guest Post: Using Vinegar as a Household Cleaner

by healthy ashley on June 15, 2009

Hi Healthy Ashley readers! My name is Andrea and my lil blog is called Off Her Cork where I write about food, running, and daily life. Ashley put out the call on Twitter asking about all natural cleaners. I mentioned that I clean with vinegar and she asked me to do a guest post, so [...]