Laying Low

by healthy ashley on January 23, 2010

Yesterday I fell while running and scraped my knee, had serious dental work done and had my dog break skin on my foot in two sensitive places. I had a day of pain.. so yesterday and today I am laying low! Before all of yesterday’s pains I met my good friend Pam in Tampa for [...]


My 3 Miles in Photos

by healthy ashley on April 3, 2009

  This morning I woke up and just did not want to go out for a run. I was definitely in a funk all day. At the very last minute I thought it’d be fun to take pictures of my 3 mile route to share with you all- that got me outside! My route is [...]


Pushing Hard at Gasparilla

by healthy ashley on March 1, 2009

Race Recap: The Gasparilla Half Marathon(my second half)The Day Before The big expo before the races definitely got me excited about my half. There’s just something about a bunch of runners getting together that really gets my mind into the game. I am sooooo happy my gym buddy Pam saw these compression sleeves for calves. [...]


Uh Oh. Calling All Runners

by healthy ashley on February 18, 2009

Runners, I need your help! I’ve had this persistent pain in my shins that has kept me from running- or at least from running well or running long distances. This pain flares up anytime I use my calves- even when I simply squat down to tie my shoe. Any time something touches it or the [...]