Vibram Vibram

by healthy ashley on July 20, 2010

  Yesterday began the way all the best days do… hot power yoga surrounded by friends. The 90-minute session felt wonderful after I took several days in a row off from classes over the weekend. Post-yoga I met Ryan for lunch at our favorite go-to, Infusion Tea. Apparently I’m a creature of habit because I [...]


I <3 New York

by healthy ashley on November 3, 2009

It’s a beautiful day here in central Florida. The weather is crisp and the sky is cloudy. I began my Fall day with vegan pumpkin waffles I made yesterday. I used Veganomicon’s banana walnut recipe and modified it quite a bit- no nuts; add pumpkin, ground flax, applesauce. They’re super yummy. I topped this morning’s [...]


Experiments in Kombucha

by healthy ashley on October 29, 2009

Dixie and I had a blast at the dog park yesterday! I took the top two photos yesterday. Check out how much bigger she is now when compared to a similar shot I took back in June (below). She’s 9 months old now! Today was perfect. Creamy pumpkin banana oats, a clarifying 90 min. power [...]