Vacation Recap: DE Boardwalk

by healthy ashley on January 9, 2009

The Operation: Wonderland vacation recap continues! You can catch up with the vacation plans, South Carolina, South of the Border and D.C. posts! After DC we headed 3 hours to Lewes, DE to visit my Aunts. They had a wonderful, fresh dinner prepared for us to celebrate my recent graduation! My Aunts spoil their dog [...]


Racing Myself

by healthy ashley on November 9, 2008

I feel somewhat silly being all sentimental about “lessons” in a short 5K, but that’s just how it goes! To give you a little background, I hate running. For me, running is just too hard. I can never breathe and my muscles continually feel like they’re going to lock up and die. The worst part [...]


How’s it Going?

by healthy ashley on April 2, 2008

Thank you to everyone for all of your support with this challenge! I’ve been feeling like a slave to the processed and sweet foods, and I know this is what my body needs to press the “reset” button. Today went great. I got to eat so many tasty, fresh and colorful foods. I ate too [...]