Hello from South Carolina!

by healthy ashley on December 15, 2008

David and I are in Charleston, SC as Stop #1 of our road trip! I thought I’d share some quick photos. David’s mom was sweet enough to pack us a box of snacks… and some Gas-X (for David!) The scale has not been happy with me from Thanksgiving, stressful finals, graduation and now this trip. [...]


Fashion and PR

by healthy ashley on December 5, 2008

So, there’s a whole lot to cover like my first 10K (I did it!), a bunch of new readers (heya! thanks for stopping by!), my upcoming trip (itinerary to come!)- oh, and those Smoothie King winners since the contest ends tonight… but right now I need fashion help! Tomorrow I have a Spotlight Gala at [...]


High and Dreaming

by healthy ashley on November 14, 2008

Operation Celebration: For my promised update: Today has gone really well! I was very busy and all over the place, but I maintained my healthy mindset alllll day long! I didn’t follow my eating schedule, but that’s because my classes/gym-time got in the way. I did meet my calorie range (1,400-1,600) with 1,450! Now I’m [...]