shin splints

Kick Shin Splints for Good

by healthy ashley on February 22, 2010

All the time people ask me about how I dealt with my shin splints. I got bad shin splints after training for my first half marathon, ran with them for my second half marathon and then took six months off running altogether. Now I run marathons and have no pain… so something’s up What are [...]


How to Run 20 Miles Without Injury

by healthy ashley on November 13, 2009

I’ve been dreaming about hitting the 20 mile mark since I signed up for the marathon. Something about 20 miles just seems so BIG! Last week I planned on hitting my big mark but had to cut the run short. Yesterday I took a rest day to build up energy and yesterday evening I ate [...]


My Body Said GO!

by healthy ashley on August 13, 2009

I almost forgot to blog tonight! I showered and was about to crawl into bed and then I remembered… so here I am I ran 6.2 miles tonight!! My mind was fighting me all day but my body wanted to run. It was slower (1hr 5 min) but I really finished strong! I always sprint [...]