four steps better {1} Workouts

by healthy ashley on March 5, 2009

Whether you want be be stronger, more committed, thinner or smarter, the “four steps better” mini-series will have something to help you get there. Workouts I hired a personal trainer for a few months to jump start my exercise routine. Before working with my trainer I hung around the cardio equipment and worked with the [...]


Workout Log

by healthy ashley on February 25, 2009

I incorporate cardio (mostly running, biking and swimming) with strength training (mostly with body weight and resistance) and stretching (mostly yoga). I feel my best when I cover all three bases each week. On a normal week I like to workout 6 days/week. If I miss a few workouts I won’t sweat it because I [...]


Sweaty Plans

by healthy ashley on February 4, 2008

I’m usually pretty good about my workouts (especially since my new Asics!), but here’s a plan to keep me on track and make sure I cover each area. =) I know “I’m starting Monday” is cliche (sorry Roni!), but Monday-Sunday is the easiest for me to track. So, each week, beginning tomorrow: Couch-to-5K: 3 times/week [...]