Drooling + My First Kiss: 25 Things About Ashley

by healthy ashley on January 30, 2009

As if you haven’t seen this before After being pressured into it via Facebook, I thought you all might care to know 25 Things About ME. I’ve got to admit, it felt a bit awkward writing out 25 sentences that all start with I! from a family dinner last night 1. I’ve become much truer [...]



by healthy ashley on August 12, 2008

Thanks to Love of Oats and Meals from the Girl in the LBD for tagging me to share six things about myself! (Make sure to check out their blogs- they are super healthy, fun people!) Here are 6 things you might not have known about me: 1. I swish. Pudding, smoothies, juice, yogurt… I swish [...]


… and the sky is blue!

by healthy ashley on May 29, 2008

This was part of my lunch today.. Avocado Salad Roll. It’s avocado and fresh veggies wrapped in tapioca paper. I’m going to try to make this at home It was so tasty and fresh! I’m sure I am last to comply, but I’ve been tagged! Thanks Melissa and Monica for tagging me! Here’s 5 things [...]