Hello, Blogging!

by healthy ashley on October 28, 2010

Hey there, regular blogging I miss regular daily blogging. So I’m back. And I’m working on a site redesign so it will be easier for you all to read and comment and for me to post and reply. It’s getting exciting! I never set my alarm and accidentally got 8.5 hours of sleep. Normally I [...]



by healthy ashley on October 22, 2010

Training: successful, challenging, fun, doable Tapering: anxious, lazy, out-of-shape, irritableRace: period, nerves, 14 hours, to-do lists The journey to tomorrow’s Ironman has been one of self-discovery and personal records. I faced my fear of a second open water swim, rode my bike 100 miles alone, ran my heart out. I asked myself the question, “do [...]


Men’s Health Urbanathlon: CHICAGO!!!!!

by healthy ashley on October 16, 2010

Hi, Chicago. I think you’re pretty great. I flew in to Chicago this morning to compete in the Men’s Health Urbanathlon tomorrow with Nike Field Reporter. I was so excited to finally be in the windy city! Argo Tea across from my hotel drew me across the street before I could even check in. Luggage [...]


Men’s Health Urbanathlon: Getting Ready!

by healthy ashley on October 14, 2010

Today is what I call a fun day. The morning began with a Panera breakfast with the lovely Gina. I enjoyed a whole grain bagel with peanut butter and a soy chai. What a treat! Afterward I played fashion show picking out my outfits for my trip to Chicago to compete in the Men’s Health [...]