In Progress :)

by healthy ashley on November 21, 2010

Please pardon the dust as healthyashley.com grows into a wonderful new blog. Until this site officially launches you can find new posts up at healthyashley.blogspot.com.


What You Eat Why: Ashley

by healthy ashley on June 28, 2010

Remember way back in April when we had a big discussion on diets and relationships? I asked if someone having a different diet than your own would change your feelings about them – and especially if you were considering dating them. I explained how I, as a vegan, lived with a meat-eating man and made [...]


What’s the Dilly, Philly?

by healthy ashley on June 4, 2010

Hello!!!!! Where have I been!? After returning from Madison I decided to spill a glass of water on my brand new MacBaby. Don’t worry- $800 later in repair charges she is okay, but I did go without a laptop for a while. But now she is home and I am more than ready to blog. [...]


Hello from Madison!

by healthy ashley on May 29, 2010

Hello from Madison, WI! I am currently up way too late on my sleepover with Savvy Julie and Then Heather Said. I’m loving Madison and will have much to report tomorrow. For now I need to get to bed to catch a few hours of sleep- farmers’ market in the morning before the Madison Marathon [...]