Vegan in Review

by healthy ashley on July 23, 2009

In place of my regular post about today’s eats, I’d like to talk about what veganism has been like for me so far. Almost three weeks ago I decided to go vegan (after being a vegetarian for 9 years) after a good talk with Ryan. The week after my decision I saw Food, Inc. which [...]


Getting Settled

by healthy ashley on July 6, 2009

Changing cities and moving into a new house in Orlando with David has been GREAT! Not having to worry about a long-distance relationship really frees up our time! I have been active since I came here Wednesday night!! We’ve been painting walls… the bedroom is in progress! …and taking bike rides and going to fun [...]


A Little of This…

by healthy ashley on February 27, 2009

Sorry to leave you hanging these last few days on the Q and A page, Workout Log, Spotlight features and upcoming mini-series. I swear they’re coming! These last few days have been crazy (fun crazy!)! I’ve been getting all socialy and girly- and I love it! Here are some photos from Wednesday’s Girl’s Night where [...]


High and Dreaming

by healthy ashley on November 14, 2008

Operation Celebration: For my promised update: Today has gone really well! I was very busy and all over the place, but I maintained my healthy mindset alllll day long! I didn’t follow my eating schedule, but that’s because my classes/gym-time got in the way. I did meet my calorie range (1,400-1,600) with 1,450! Now I’m [...]