Vegan at Sea

by healthy ashley on September 16, 2009

I wasn’t the best blogger on my past cruise. I took advantage of not having to carry anything- which meant my camera slept back at the room most of the time and missed out on all the food! Luckily sweet Stephanie from CookinFanatic saved my day- she went on the same cruise (a few weeks [...]


A Run and a Cruise

by healthy ashley on September 15, 2009

First Thing’s First: Running 6:00a.m. Friday morning, my alarm goes off. Already in my running clothes, I wander around the house to get ready for THE run: eat a banana, guzzle water, apply sunblock… I live for long runs, so of course I was super excited about this run. But somewhere along the way half [...]


Joy of Getting Away

by healthy ashley on March 9, 2009

David surprised me with a fantastic weekend getaway to St. Augustine, Fl. this weekend. It was a wonderful weekend of sightseeing, small towns, live music on the roof of a famous winery, sailing in the Atlantic, dinner at Columbia, Kilwin’s amazing ice cream and RELAXATION with our friends Phil and Lauren! It’s Monday evening and [...]


Vacation Recap: Two Kids in NY

by healthy ashley on February 10, 2009

You thought it was over, didn’t you?! Well here’s the end of my Vacation Recap! I love sharing these photos because it takes me back to the great moments You can view the last installment of the recap here. After our fun time in DE was Long Island, NY (the highlight of the trip in [...]