The What and Why of Different Diets

by healthy ashley on April 22, 2010

This post on diets and relationships sparked some great discussion today! Make sure to check it out and add your own thoughts in case you missed it. I also added my response toward the end. The discussion has me thinking about how we all have such different diets and reasons behind them. For some added [...]


Vegetarian Lamb and Garden Cafe

by healthy ashley on November 11, 2009

My friends Feiran and Tina and I met for lunch at the Garden Cafe- a vegetarian Chinese restaurant here in Orlando where I apparently found something very amusing. To be perfectly blunt, the menu creeped me out. I’m used to vegetarian places with hummus, fresh veggies and tempeh… but the Garden Cafe had lamb and [...]


VegFest 2009!!!

by healthy ashley on October 24, 2009

  Happy weekend! How do you like our family photo? If you look closely you’ll see Kitty (who David is holding) hates her brother and sister and is growling at them! David and I were laughing so hard it was hard to take a normal-looking photo Today was VegFest!!!!!!!! “Central Florida Veg Fest takes place [...]


15 Hungry Miles

by healthy ashley on October 9, 2009

Hello! I just got back from a spontaneous lunch date with David! He begged to go to Chili’s since he’s sort of obsessed with their baked potato soup. We sit down, order chips and order without even looking at the menu. There’s pretty much only one way to eat vegan there and I have it [...]