Let’s Have THE Talk

by healthy ashley on January 25, 2010

Oh yeah… I’m bringing IT up: weight gain (and why I blame it on the marathons). One year ago I was about 10 pounds over my happy weight. I blame it on the transition from being a student running around working two jobs to being a 50-hour-week lazy that spent her whole day in front [...]


2010 Eve

by healthy ashley on December 31, 2009

Hola! Happy Last Day of 2009! I started off the day with naner oats and a glass of OJ. Lunch was leftover vegan Mac ‘n Cheese, cherries and carrots with hummus. Mmmmm. Tonight David and I are going to his boss’s house for a partay!! Can’t wait. I just need to find something to wear [...]


Next Big Challenge

by healthy ashley on January 19, 2009

Last September I set myself up for a big challenge and completed it. I trained and ran my 5K, 10K and half marathon! Now I am setting up (or revisiting..) my next challenge: weight loss. It’s really gotten out of control. I am now 9 lb.’s higher than I’ve been most of my life and [...]