What You Eat Why

What You Eat Why: Caitlin

by healthy ashley on April 30, 2010

No post from me tonight as I’m busy dealing with some tough big girl things and packing for New Jersey. My flight leaves in six hours and I just got home from work. Yikes! What You Eat Why From Caitlin: Last April, I decided to become a vegetarian. My decision was the culmination of a [...]


Playing Hookie

by healthy ashley on April 28, 2010

Last night I decided to blow my to-do list off, throw the girls in the car and head over to my friend Janna’s house. I haven’t seen Janna in a looooong time and I couldn’t wait any longer! The girls had a great time playing with their boyfriend Charlie while Janna made me “vean food.” [...]


More Than One Run

by healthy ashley on April 26, 2010

I have to make this quick. I just got home from work and need to get to bed so I can do an at-home-triathlon in the morning! With a full 40 hours at lululemon and the expo on the weekend, my week was packed. Still, I had to fit a long run in (I’m running [...]


Expo-ing It

by healthy ashley on April 24, 2010

I am in St. Petersburg, Fl. for today and tomorrow to work the Bondi Band booth at the St. Anthony’s Triathlon expo. I used to live very close to this area so it is nice to come back and visit. I made the 2 hour plus drive this morning.I started the morning with an extra [...]