Workin’ it at the Ukrop Monument Ave. 10k Expo

by healthy ashley on March 26, 2010

What a day! Heck, what a week! I’m working four jobs in two states in one week and getting no sleep as a result! Still, it’s fantastic and I feel alive! It will make me appreciate rest when I get home that much more. Today I worked the Bondi Band booth at the Ukrop’s Monument [...]


Naner PB Oats Diet

by healthy ashley on February 4, 2010

According to my camera all I’ve been eating is naner-PB-oatmeal. I’ve been a bad blogger, leaving my camera home all the time! But tonight I must blog so I walked around the house to shoot a few more photos for this post Pretty Sabrina. She’s been living with us for more than a month now [...]


A Tri Kind of Day

by healthy ashley on January 31, 2010

Friday was crazy! Dixie was at the SPCA all day getting spayed and I was a nervous wreck. I dropped her off before my long run. To keep my stomach light I had a green smoothie and an apple on my drive. When I finally got back home I drank some OJ and slammed some [...]