I did it right.

January 12, 2013 0
I know I did my run and CrossFit right because I have absolutely nothing left to give! I had two awesome workouts this morning and am on a total high from it!


I kicked off the festivities with a should-have-been-15-but-was-12 mile run. I blame the lost time on serious Puppy snuggling in the morning. I felt slow and tired on the run but managed 12 miles in 2 hours, a little slower than I’ve been but I’ll take it! I think my body may be adjusting to less carbs as fuel thanks to the paleo challenge. It doesn’t matter; I got it done.


After my run I rushed to my box for a fun WOD. Everyone comes out for Saturday morning WODs. They’re fun, busy, long and usually created for teams. The WOD wasn’t named, but I’m pretty sure it’s called Hell. So we did Hell and survived.

Nicole and I partnered up and I couldn’t be happier! She was a perfect partner and kicked a$$. I’m too tired to type out the whole WOD but we did 14# for the wall ball and OH lunges, 35# for the KBS, 75# for the hang power cleans and 65# for the push press. Ugh. The weights were challenging with so many reps and the fact that we started them with tired bodies already!

photo 2-17.jpg

Thanks for being my partner, Nicole! Sorry I jumped and landed on your thigh!

photo 1-19.jpg

Richard and I rushed to Chipotle to refuel, paleo style. I devoured a vegetarian salad bowl with no dressing, double fajita mix, double mild salsa and guacamole. Don’t worry, I didn’t lose my mind. I came home and ate an egg. And then another. I need my protein!

I hear you all bold and italic (get it? instead of loud and clear?). I’m working on a post to share how I’m doing vegetarian paleo and more specifics on my meals. It’s a-coming!

Happy Saturday!

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